Sound Artist, Visual Artist, Experimental Filmmaker

Composures, my newest album, is now released. You can find it on all streaming platforms. Here’s the story behind the album…

Tribute to a Conscious World

A 54-minute contemplative art/nature film

A film unlike anything you’ve seen — something intentionally slow, beautiful, artistic, and enriching — a gift for the soul. Let this film reset your state of mind to a higher, more positive position.

Rain Sanctuary

Rain Sanctuary is a beautifully evocative album that combines the sound of rain with compositional ambient music. The rain sounds on each track are diverse and are combined with layered, rich, and evolving ambient instrumentals.

This album starts slowly by intention. The music is not in a rush. Instead it develops and builds, taking you on a beautiful journey. All my work is intended to be a journey of discovery. This album is a deeply relaxing and engaging musical journey that drifts through an evocative landscape of rain.

7 tracks (47 minutes).

Space for Experience

Space for Experience is an ambient album that gives you space for your own experience. You can drift away to this album, or get into it deeply. When listening deeply you can hear a lot of range and depth on this album. Sounds featured: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, synthesizers, chimes, natural environment. 

Relaxing, engaging, rich, minimalist, diverse, nuanced, alive, smooth, layered, dynamic, meaningful soundtrack for the film “Tribute to a Conscious World.” 

5 tracks (47 minutes).