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My music is not categorizable. I make “sound art” and “sound journeys.” I never adhere to the rules (not because I’m mischievous but because I like to create). Creating is like dreaming. There are no rules in dreaming. 

I experiment, and I show you the results. That’s what my music is. I record all kinds of sounds (field recordings) and I play guitar and piano and I also use software instruments. I mix these things together in production to create interesting sound journeys.

I consider myself a sound artist rather than a musician. That’s because I generally work with sound rather than musical notes. Sometimes these sounds are field recordings from nature and sometimes they are me playing an instrument. I compose all this into meaningful sound compositions. 

The ingredients of my compositions are: good intent, depth of emotion, peacefulness, beauty, creative expression, and exploration. The result is an overall meditative feel in my work, but I do live outside the rules which means you’ll also hear a large dose of creativity and surprise.

The sound journeys I create generally move slowly and are interesting in the details (and the journey). In life I am often aware of subtlety and nuance. So it’s natural for me to incorporate subtlety in my music. In some way, I feel as if I’m showing the world that subtlety exists. It’s there, and it’s up to us to observe (or hear). Much of the beauty I perceive in nature is quite subtle. Sometimes the subtlety is incredibly beautiful. The lightest touch goes unnoticed if not for awareness of subtlety. 

When I listen to my own music/sound I am always aware of the speed, the flow. I do not like to be rushed, and this is true in my music also. I don’t want to make anyone keep a fast pace. I like to relax to my own music. Relaxation and discovery. Those are the two big themes in my music. Relaxation comes from the type of sound and the pace. And discovery…well that’s the journey. Each of my sound journeys is a discovery of sound

New Release! SOUND art SOUNDS

Welcome to something highly different. This is sound art (art made from sound). My intention with this album was to illustrate what sound art sounds like.

The tracks on this album are sonic journeys created from field recordings. With the exception of background guitar on one track, all the sounds on this album were captured with a portable microphone out in the field (or inside the home). I recorded these sounds over the course of several years and composed them into sound art. This is not exactly “music.” The focus was on composing sonically interesting tracks for deep listening. My goal was to show that ordinary sounds can be made into something interesting and even beautiful. 

Each track is its own sonic landscape and story, and each track shows a different side of sound art. As a whole, the album is designed to be an artistic body of work that describes (adds to the definition of) sound art. 


Clearing the Noise — A soundscape of noise (recordings of city/urban/suburban environments) that gradually transitions into peace. 
Household Items — A shamanic healing using sounds found in my home.
Avian Symphonics — Birds on a psychedelic trip in a forest of ambient guitar.
Giving Voice — An unorthodox collection of voices, while hand drumming on a guitar.
Enchanted Chimes — Beautiful tones with trees creaking in the wind.
Water Journey A and B — A complete exploration of water sounds from top to bottom. An absolutely beautiful sound journey.

Music Albums

Rain Sanctuary is a beautiful ambient album that combines the sound of rain (on every track) with piano and synthesized sounds creating a lush environmental/music landscape. There is no percussion or guitar. This is a beautifully rich ambient album ready for your deep listening or to use as background ambiance for consciousness-based activities like yoga or meditation. 

Space for Experience rewards listeners who are not in a hurry. And that’s the point: to drift away, or become fully immersed — your choice. This album mixes sounds of nature, synths, and guitar seamlessly. At times it leads, and at times it leaves you in a sonic landscape to explore on your own for a while. So be comfortable for the next 45 minutes on this journey to some very beautiful and interesting places.

Nature Recordings

Recordings of nature offer a pure sound. These sounds are not musical. They are the pure voice of nature, which I find healing and relaxing. Nature sounds are great as a background for meditation, relaxation, or to induce sleep. But the recordings here can also be listened to deeply with close attention — these are high-quality stereo recordings that have fantastic detail, clarity, and dynamic range.

Field Recording + Live Recorded Guitar

This is a live recorded album of me walking with my cat T in nature, and all the adventures that happen. Almost certainly, you have never heard something like this: a cat centric album accompanied by guitar serenade.