Experience new forms of sound / Thoughtful sound journeys

I experiment, and I show you the results. I create. I capture authentic music that “comes through me.”  I also capture professional sound recordings of nature (field recordings). Sometimes I combine these things into new types of sound experiences. Each of my albums has a completely different feel and style. Yet in all my work you will always find: beauty, subtlety of sound, and originality of composition. There is an overall meditative feel to my work, but I do live outside the rules which means you’ll also hear a large dose of creativity and surprise. (All my sounds are available to play here for free, and they can be found on all major streaming platforms, just search for my name.)


Composures is a beautiful collection of music that I recorded over many years. These are special recordings, little gems to me. The album has been described as beautiful, soothing, and expansive. On the album you will hear guitar, piano, occasional voice, and a few surprises. This album was about capturing the spark of the soul, and you’ll hear that on every track.

These are songs I recorded while no one was looking, little snippets of musical phrases that I knew to keep. I feel incredibly lucky that I was able to capture the original recordings and that they survived all these years — and that I have finally produced and released these songs of my soul.

The full story...

Sound art Sounds

Welcome to something highly different. This is sound art (art made from sound).  This is not exactly music.

The tracks on this album are sonic journeys created from field recordings (recordings of sounds in our environment). But the tracks have been specially composed for deep listening. My goal was to show that even ordinary sounds can be made into something interesting and even beautiful. 

Each track is its own sonic landscape and story, and each track shows a different side of sound art. As a whole, the album is designed to be an artistic body of work that describes (adds to the definition of) sound art. 


Clearing the Noise — A soundscape of noise (recordings of city/urban/suburban environments) that gradually transitions into peace. 
Household Items — A shamanic healing using sounds found in my home.
Avian Symphonics — Birds on a psychedelic trip in a forest of ambient guitar.
Giving Voice — An unorthodox collection of voices, while hand drumming on a guitar.
Enchanted Chimes — Beautiful tones with trees creaking in the wind.
Water Journey A and B — A complete exploration of water sounds from top to bottom. An absolutely beautiful sound journey.

Rain Sanctuary

Rain Sanctuary is a beautiful ambient album that combines the sound of rain (on every track) with piano and synthesized sounds creating a lush environmental/music landscape. There is no percussion or guitar. This is a beautifully rich ambient album ready for your deep listening or to use as background ambiance for consciousness-based activities like yoga or meditation. 

Pure Water Sounds

Pure Water Sounds is an hour-long visit with nature, where you’ll find beautiful and relaxing sounds of water. These are high-quality stereo recordings that have fantastic detail, clarity, and dynamic range. The recordings are very present, in other words. If you listen with headphones (higly recommended) you will experience the full landscape of the sound. 

Recordings of nature offer a pure sound. These sounds are not musical. They are the pure voice of nature, which I find healing. Nature sounds are great as a background for meditation, relaxation, or to induce sleep. But the recordings here can also be listened to deeply with close attention.

Space for Experience

Space for Experience is an album to engage you and relax you throughout.

This album lets you drift away, or become fully immersed — your choice. It mixes sounds of nature, synthesizers, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar. At times it has a musical announcment for you, and at other times it leaves you in a drifting sonic landscape where you simply lose track of time. The experience is both engaging and relaxing.

So prepare to relax and be comfortable for the next 45 minutes on this journey to some very beautiful and interesting places.

This album is also the soundtrack for the film Tribute to a Conscious World.

Evenings with T

Evenings with T is a live recorded album of me walking with my cat T in nature, and all the adventures that happen. Almost certainly, you have never heard something like this: a cat centric album accompanied by guitar serenade.