Curt Stump

Sound Artist, Visual Artist, Experimental Filmmaker

Current home: Portugal

I’m an artist who documents beautiful and interesting things. I am highly intuitive and love to work with subtlety, nuance, and meaningfulness in my artwork.

As a sound artist I create original compositions and produce my own music. I’m an ambient musician who records sounds of nature as well as sounds from instruments. I’m self taught but have an innate sense of sound. My sound compositions are meant to be a journey of discovery, filled with subtlety, nuance, and exploration. 

As a visual artist I have worked with film photography, digital photography, drawing, painting, and some sculpture. I’m also an experimental filmmaker who documents interesting or beautiful scenery I find in the world, often close by. 

I’ve also been involved in community arts. I started a volunteer-run art gallery, served on an arts council, hosted creative writing groups, and led workshops on creativity. 

In my life I seek higher consciousness, spirit, the ineffable, and the sacred. This type of life exploration is the context for much of my artistic work. 

My guiding philosophies: be authentic, be open minded, existence is sacred, pay tribute, honor life, be curious about the unknown, disconnect from the negative, and do high-quality work to the best of my potential.

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