Curt Stump

I consider all my creative work to be the work of the soul.

In practical terms, I would describe my work as coming from a spiritual source, from the unconscious elements of myself, from dreams, and from altered states of consciousness. And I would describe my creative process as becoming empty and letting the work flow through me.

I have an immense sense of awe for the natural world and for existence itself, and for what we can experience in life. This sense of awe can be felt in much of my work. I’m also a highly sensitive person, and I sense subtlety in the world that often goes unnoticed. You can find this sense of subtlety integrated into my work.

If there is one word to define me it would be explorer. I am always looking for the sacred, the beautiful, and the meaningful in life. I am drawn toward possibilities rather than certainties. Another deep confession: honesty, integrity, and sincerity are extremely important to me. These are all core values.

As a visual artist I have worked with film photography, digital photography, drawing, painting, and some sculpture. I’m also an experimental filmmaker who documents interesting and beautiful scenery I find in the world. I love mystical vistas, the otherworldly, and the glowing beauty of the world.

As a sound artist/musician, I am self-taught. I experiment with guitar, piano, and voice, and I also record interesting sounds in my environment. I listen closely to sound rather than notes of music. And I let this subtlety come through my work. My compositions are meant to be journeys of discovery.

I’ve also been involved in community arts. I started a volunteer art gallery, served on an arts council, hosted creative writing groups, and led workshops on creativity.

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With great gratitude, thank you for your interest in my work.