All prints are guaranteed to use high-quality (professional-quality) materials and inks, rather than the cheapest materials which would not last long or that would lose quality. All the prints sold here are intended to last for many years without any noticeable degradation in quality. These are high-performance products rather than economy products.

Attention is given to each print, to ensure there are no flaws in the printing process or the materials. As a guarantee, should a print you purchase ever arrive damaged or flawed it will be replaced for free.

Photo paper (matte)
This is an archival matte paper. The paper is smooth, neutral-white, and intended for high-quality fine art photo reproduction. This paper offers accurate color reproduction, the ability to deliver high-contrast, and is high-resolution. It is acid-free for a longer print life with pigment inks. It is heavy weight paper at 230g/m².

Photo paper (glossy)
The texture of this thick (260g/m²) resin-coated photo paper is very close to traditional photo paper. This medium is ideally suited for photographs, and a glossy surface will enhance the color and contrast of the photograph. The downside of glossy material is that it is also highly reflective. For glossy paper it is important to have good lighting conditions (i.e. minimal direct glare from lights in your environment).

Photo paper images have a resolution between 225-300ppi depending on the size of the print. The resolution is 300ppi (or more) at smaller sizes and closer to 225-250ppi at the largest sizes, which is appropriate for viewing distances that are farther away (the larger the print the farther you must stand from it to see it in its entirety). The result is that all the prints sold here will appear sharp from their optimal viewing distance.

This is a heavy weight (410g/m²) fine art matte canvas. It is constructed from a special blend of cotton and polyester (70% cotton and 30% polyester to provide the best strength and pure white color). A matte varnish is also applied to the canvas to provide protection. The canvas is designed to last many years without losing its original beauty, though it is not intended for use in direct sunlight.

1-1/2″ Canadian lumber selected for strength and lightness.

Wrap / Edges
Normally (unless specially requested) the style of wrap used is “mirror” style. This means you will see the full image on the front of the canvas, rather than having part of the image lost when wrapped around the frame.

The canvas prints sold here usually have a resolution between 100-200ppi depending on the image and exact size ordered. This resolution is normal for canvas, because viewing a large image requires a person to stand back from the image to fully see it. Any large canvas print (found here or elsewhere) can lack detail when viewed from a very close distance. But they will look perfect when viewed from the correct distance. The end result is that the canvas prints sold here are sized to appear sharp from their optimal viewing distance. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Murals are prints that are applied directly to a flat surface, such as a wall. They can be applied to any flat surface that is not porous. 

Murals are easy to put in place. An adhesive backing holds the mural to a wall. This adhesive does not damage the wall, and in fact the murals can be removed and reapplied in a different location if desired. 

 have a slight canvas texture on the surface, which can be seen and felt. The actual mural material is vinyl, which means the mural is water resistant and scratch resistant, and can be lightly cleaned.

Standard Sizes, Custom Sizes
The murals in the store come in standard sizes that match the dimensions of the photo image. However, murals can also be created in custom sizes to fit your wall dimensions exactly. You would simply need to contact me in advance with your size requirements and I can provide a quote. 

Resolution, Viewing Experience
In general, murals can be printed quite large (such as entire wall) since they are meant to be viewed from a distance rather than close up. The resolution of a large mural can be for example 100ppi or even less. (Whereas a gallery print would be 300ppi, since it is intended to be viewed up close.) But if you observe any large mural up close you will see some pixelation, which is normal due to the size. In all cases, the acceptable resolution of a large mural depends on the viewing distance and placement. Normally, large murals work well in a room even at lower resolution. Some exceptions might be if you are forced to always view the image at a very close distance (such as on the wall of a narrow corridor or narrow hallway).

If you have questions, please contact me.

No. All prints are delivered free of any writing (watermarks, signature, etc.). You may have noticed small watermarks (“© Curt Stump”) on the images in the store, if you zoom in. This is to protect my digital work online. But all physical prints are delivered without any watermarks or signature ⏤ there is never any writing on the front of a physical print. This is true for all print types (canvas, photo print, mural).


The entire ordering process uses secure technology. You can find out more about how your information, including financial information such as your credit card, is handled by reading the full privacy policy

Orders are processed online in the site store using secure financial services. Once an order is placed, I work with the printer to create the exact print you ordered. The printing and packaging takes approximately 1 week, and then your order is shipped to you. The time needed for shipping depends on your location (see more about this in the shipping section). 

Please note that it is always best to provide a valid contact phone number with your order (see the shipping section for why).

The personal information you provide during the order process is only used to facilitate the order and ship your items to you. Your information is not used for other purposes. Please see the full privacy policy for more information.

Contact me via email for all questions and I will absolutely help.


Free shipping in the United States and Canada. Flat shipping fee of $20 to most other countries in the world.

Note: framed canvas cannot be shipped to countries other than the United States and Canada. If you are disappointed by this, please contact me and we will find a solution for you.

Framed canvas prints are shipped flat with appropriate packaging to ensure a safe, undamaged delivery.

Unframed products (prints, murals) are shipped in a strong mailing tube with a 3 inch diameter.

Standard shipping is used by default, so you can expect a few days to a week for shipping within the US or Canada. For other locations, a rough estimate would be for the shipping time to double. Finally, if you are in a country that holds packages at the border for customs control, the delivery time will be completely unknown to me.

Note for all orders: it is best to provide your phone number when ordering so that shipping providers have a way to contact you to resolve any delivery or address problems. 

If you do not provide a number (which I understand) then I provide my own personal number to the shipping company. But that does not really help the shipping company if there is a deliver problem, as I am not in your location and can’t answer questions about delivery to your location. So, as much as I don’t like to do this…I ask customers to please provide a valid phone number to ensure your item reaches you successfully. Thank you for your understanding about this!

Your personal information, including your phone number, is only used to process your order and deliver items to you. Your information is not used for other purposes. See the full privacy policy for more information.

Refunds and Returns

First, if you receive a damaged print (from production, or from shipping) you will be provided with a replacement for free. You will simply need to document the damage appropriately, when you first receive the item.

Additionally, there is a 15-day satisfaction guarantee. This gives you time to make sure you truly love the print you received. If you decide you do not like the print, I will work with you to either reprint the image (if you wish) or refund you (you will need to ship the print to the Studio mailing address in the United States). My goal is for you to love the print, so I will work with you in whatever way I can to make this the case, or else refund you if it is not possible. 

Contacting the Studios

The email address of the Studios is listed here (in image format to protect the email address from spam).

The online store does not take orders by phone. Customer support is via email, and I am always available via email. If you have sent email and not received a reply, please resend to make sure it was delivered. I am always available for you via email.

The Studio maintains a business address in the United States. This address can be provided to customers who need to return an item, or who need to send mail or a package to the Studios.

Your Information and Privacy

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